Monday, November 30, 2009

How to Remove Acne Scars

acne scar removal, acne scars removal, how to remove acne scarsYep I'm still here in case you were wondering. I've been trying to learn how to remove acne scars for months now. I haven't given up hope, but the road definitely hasn't been smooth for me. I can imagine you feel the same way. Trying to remove acne scars seems to be an almost impossible feat. I'm not sure the pitted scars can ever be totally removed, but I think there are ways to dramatically improve them; this is what most people want anyway. I know I'd be happy with a drastic improvement in my acne scars! Wouldn't you?

How to Remove Acne Scars
Some of the best methods in my opinion are TCA CROSS and the Dermaroller method. These two methods can be done at home and are affordable. Also, my belief is that they have the potential to give results comparable or better than you would get in a doctor's office. I have been having some luck and seeing improvements with both of these acne scar removal methods. Give them a try, but not simultaneously! Try one first, then the other if you aren't happy with the first one. Trial and error is a big part of "how to remove acne scars" as I have learned.

After getting extremely discouraged for the longest time, I am glad to have come across these acne scars removal methods TCA CROSS and Dermaroller. They are both excellent and show promise in this field of research.

If you do use these methods to remove acne scars, remember to read and follow the directions provided in the packages. You must be gentle with your skin and don't overdo it - especially with the tca cross. Be careful and ask someone who has performed the procedures before if you need help. You don't want to make your acne scars worse! lol